Durdy Bayramov was a passionate advocate of art education for all who seek to devote their lives to art, particularly underprivileged children and youth. To continue his legacy, the Durdy Bayramov Art Foundation is developing scholarship and award programs that aim to create opportunities for aspiring artists so that they might pursue their love of art.

The Durdy Bayramov Art Foundation has recently announced an international composers’ competition, titled Musical Palette of Durdy Bayramov. This competition is held in conjunction with the Nury Halmamedov International Festival of Turkmen Classical Music, Sounds of Dutar. The main goal of the competition is to identify and cultivate the talent of young composers. A gala concert will take place on November 3rd, 2016, at the Russian Academy of Arts in Moscow. In addition to cash prizes and commemorative gifts, the winning compositions will be published in a compilation album and featured in an upcoming film about Durdy Bayramov.