June 2024
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Paul Michael Taylor, Director Smithsonian Institution Dept. of Anthropology, Asian Cultural History Program sheds light on Bayramov’s photographs visual documents of cultural history. Not only do the photographs function as inspiration for Bayramov’s paintings, but more importantly, the works stand on their own, imbued with importance and insight into Turkmen village life from 1960-1980.


Carpet Day is observed annually in Turkmenistan on the last Sunday of May to honour the Turkmen artisans who hand-weave these remarkable textiles. Carpet making is closely intertwined with the culture and history of Turkmenistan and carpet weaving is extremely important to the national economy. Traditional Turkmen carpet patterns are even depicted on the national flag and emblem of Turkmenistan, and contain significant symbolic meaning for the Turkmen people. During this lecture, visitors had an opportunity to not only learn about the rich cultural history of carpet weaving, but to also see handmade Turkmen rugs.