Visitor Testimonials

Dr. Meret Orazov

Ambassador, Embassy of Turkmenistan, Washington, DC

Durdy Bayramov made a significant impact on the art education and culture of Turkmenistan. He represented our country well at numerous international events, and his paintings were always held in high regard not only in our home country, but also abroad. I truly believe that Durdy Bayramov should become a household name worldwide. I highly recommend that Durdy Bayramov's paintings and photographs be shown in any museum and/or gallery around the world.

Dr. Paul Michael Taylor

Director, Asian Cultural History Program and Curator of Asian, European, and Middle Eastern Ethnology, Smithsonian Institution

Durdy Bayramov truly left behind an amazing legacy. His paintings and photographs have made a heartfelt and lasting impression... His artworks are not only profoundly beautiful, but also rich in cultural history; grounded in the aesthetics and history of that remarkable place, yet of universal appeal.

Dr. Alina Pekarsky

Senior Account Executive, Schulich Executive Education Centre, York University

Durdy Bayramov was not only a gifted artist, he was also a devoted instructor of the fine arts to many students. Carrying on his legacy as an educator is one of the key aspects of the Foundation’s mission, and I can personally attest to the ability of the Foundation’s staff to organize and carry out highly effective educational programs.

Marina Galvani

Curator, The World Bank Art Program

Durdy Bayramov was truly a people’s artist and a patriot of Turkmenistan. In his art one witnesses both the soul of the artist and the spirit of his homeland…The World Bank Art Program looks forward to future collaborations with the Durdy Bayramov Art Foundation.

Marilyn Powell

CBC Radio Writer and Broadcaster

I was familiar with the brilliance of Bayramov's skill as a painter, how exuberantly he embraced pattern and colour. But this exhibition (Through the Eyes of Durdy Bayramov: Turkmen Village Life, 1960s-80s) was composed entirely of black-and-white photographs that he took and developed himself. . . It was clear Bayramov was as gifted in one form as he was in another. I've never been to Turkmenistan. Yet I was drawn to the photographs, just as I'd been to the paintings. Works of art speak to us whatever their provenance, wherever we're born.

Dr. Marat Ressin

President, York Entrepreneurship Development Institute

Having the pleasure of personally visiting the museum, I can attest to the high quality and professionalism by which the foundation and museum are operated.

Jaye Robinson

City Councillor, Ward 25 – Don Valley West, Toronto

Durdy Bayramov was an incredibly accomplished artist who moved many with his passion and dedication to his work... As someone with a deep appreciation and love for the arts, I fully support any effort to share Durdy Bayramov's tremendous talent and believe this exhibit should be shown across Toronto and Canada.

Natalia Nekrassova

Curator, Collections and Research, Textile Museum of Canada

The recently founded Bayramov Museum provides a rich cultural resource on Central Asia and Turkmenistan, as well as the 20th century art and history for the York region and the entire city. Its collection of Durdy Bayramov’s paintings and historic photographs is comprehensive and unique, and of global significance.

Thurman Sawyer

Agreements Advisor, WORLDiscoveries, the University of Western Ontario

The Bayramov Museum is a breath of fresh air on Bayview and in North York. It sits like a jewel along a somewhat monotonous stretch of the city. The cultural enhancement and learning opportunities that you could offer through the museum would help further establish North York as an up and coming educational and cultural hub in Toronto and the GTA.

Rob Oliphant

M.P., Don Valley West

People from all over the world have come to our country, bringing their unique cultures and perspectives, to make distinctive contributions to our society. Durdy Bayramov is no exception, he brought his perspective, culture, art and talent to Canada.

Anastessia Bettas

Visual Artist, member of the Executive Committee of the North Toronto Group of Artists

I attended the private opening of the Bayramov Photography Exhibition and had the honour of meeting Dr. Paul Taylor from the Smithsonian Museum, who referred to Durdy Bayramov as the foremost Eurasian artist in the world. We are privileged to have the work of Durdy Bayramov, a world-renowned artist, housed in our North Toronto neighbourhood.

G. Joseph Falconeri

Partner, Falconeri Munro Tucci LLP

I was really impressed with your extensive outreach program for the community, which included special lectures and public events, all of which were offered free of charge. I personally attended several lectures and learned a great deal about fine arts. These events created a sense of being part of a cultural hub in a heavily residential area. neighbourhood.

Walter Zenko

Executive, Pathway Communications

The time that I spent with Durdy Bayramov allowed me to behold his genius and to contemplate the beauty of his creations. To experience the depth of emotion conveyed in his canvases through the use of subject matter, colour and composition was a moving and almost mystical experience. I was fortunate in that I had the master by my side giving me insights into his wondrous work. We in Toronto are truly lucky that you have chosen our city to hold the repository of his works and I believe that all Torontonians should have the opportunity to view and enjoy the works that I was so fortunate to see early on.